Zentangle Method: 7 Reasons why you should learn it!

You must have seen the Tangle Thursday posts that I make every week. I learnt the Zentangle method only in 2015. Prior to that I was neither into drawing nor into anything closely resembling that. But once I started practicing it, I have been hooked on to it ever since. Here are 7 reasons why you should learn too –

  1. Super easy to learn
    The first thing I told my Zentangle® teacher when I was starting out that this would be my first attempt at drawing something (seemingly) complicated. The only drawing I had done was in my school days and then later diagrams in my science journals in college. I was worried that she would expect me to do some complicated patterns which I would not be able to. But I was needlessly worried. She quelled my fears saying that if you can write, you can tangle. Initially I thought she was just saying this to ease my worries, but when I delved into it, I understood what she meant.
My first tile

2. Very little material required
Zentangle is ideally done on 3.5″x 3.5″ Zentangle tiles (cards). So all you need basically at any given point in time to tangle is tiles, a pencil and a couple of pens. This can be easily carried around in your handbag and you can start tangling anywhere you want to. Even if you don’t have the tiles, you can draw on any paper.

3. Gives you a sense of accomplishment
Especially if you’re not an artist, the feeling of accomplishment that you get when you complete a piece is simply amazing. You will feel proud of yourself and good at being able to create such a beautiful piece of art.


4. It’s a stress buster
Whenever I feel stressed out, I just pick up my Zentangle kit and start tangling. Tangling is a process where you need to really concentrate or else you end up messing the piece. If you’re not paying enough attention, the strokes look shaky or uneven or the pattern goes wrong. Also, since the drawing is with a pen, its difficult to correct the mistakes and you will have to discard the tile. So you’re forced to pay attention to what you’re drawing and you will feel a lot more relaxed.

5. Make lovely personalized gifts
One can easily make beautiful personalized gifts for friends, family and loved ones using Zentangle. Flower vases, pen stands, mugs, cushion covers, phone covers, key chains, stones, etc to name a few can be beautified using Zentangle Art. you can also make beautiful cards, decorate photo frames, etc with it. The list is endless.


6. It is a meditative process
I find drawing the repetitive, structured patterns with great concentration highly meditative. Like I mentioned in one of the points above, you have no choice but to concentrate. It enables you to not think about the past or future and just be in the present, concentrating on your drawing. If you’re anything like me and find it difficult to sit and meditate, try tangling. It’s much easier.

7. Great way to spend time away from gadgets
Addicted to your phone? Can’t put your iPad away? Or you’re spending too much time on your laptop? Tangling is a great way to overcome gadget addiction and reduce the unnecessary time you spend using these gadgets.

Well, these are the reasons why I absolutely love Zentangle® art. Do let me know your thoughts and views in the comments below 🙂

4 thoughts on “Zentangle Method: 7 Reasons why you should learn it!

  1. I do want to say that I recently (mid June 2016) found Zentangle and I have loved every aspect of it. I have also found that it is extremely relaxing as you complete patterns across the page. I use a lot of these patterns when I do my Mandalas and also when I do my Doodles. I love how supportive my fan base is as well. This Christmas was the first time I actually gave my drawing as a gift and they were well received. I posted them on my blog. Each were unique and each person actually used the words “love it”
    On your 7th point, I never really thought about that but when my children see me draw and not be connected, it shows them there is life outside these gadgets. They have even tried to “tangle” with me. My 7 year old is getting so good at it and I have encouraged her to keep a binder with all her drawings in it so that she can look back and see how far she has come.

    1. Wow! It’s so amazing that your children have also started tangling! I will definitely look for the posts about the drawings you made as gifts for Christmas. That’s what I really love about your blog and your drawings. The way you describe the thoughts behind the drawings, the little narratives with it, the intermediate pictures that you put up, makes us connect with your blog and appreciate your drawings even more.

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