Zen Art Challenge with Heather Buchman Days 26, 28 to 31

With this post, I complete all the drawings from the July 2017 Challenge. Taking part in the challenge has certainly helped me in a lot of ways. If you are still contemplating whether you should take up the challenge, here is why you should –

  1. You will consistently learn one new pattern each day, so in a month you will have learnt 30 new patterns
  2. Constant practice will help you get better at drawing
  3. This challenge is not only for experts or those who are already into this art form. If you have never tried your hand at Zentangle Art before, it is excellent starting point.
  4. It is a fun, relaxing and meditative art form so a great stress buster
  5. If you’ve been avoiding certain patterns because some of them are not your ‘type’, this challenge will push you out of your comfort zone and help you learn them.

Day 26
Pattern: Tore up


Day 28, 29 and 30
Patterns: Spearl, 4-Bol and Chities. Decided to combine the 3 and use very bright colors for a change

Day 31
Pattern: Mike the Mouse. This was fun since this is not something I generally attempt.

This is it for the month of July. I won’t be participating in the August Challenge because I have some unfinished art pieces which I am currently working on. I intend to complete those first before taking up the next challenge. However, I do hope I would be able to finish in time for the September Challenge.

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