Zen Art Challenge with Heather Buchman Days 17-25 and 27

The Zen Art Challenge for July is almost coming to and end and I am so glad I joined it. It is helping me to learn new patterns as well as encouraging me to draw regularly, which, otherwise I doubt I would have.

I am currently recovering from an ankle injury and the medicines make me so groggy, I find it difficult to concentrate on anything. Also, off late, I have been working on my other blog Decoding Beauty. And so I did fall behind in the challenge. I have been trying to catch up since the last few days and here are days 17-25. I have combined a few of them, main reason being I could not think of ways to use the patterns all by themselves and secondly, I really had to catch up.


Day 17
Pattern – Lacy


Day 18 & 19
Patterns – Jasmine and Deelish

Day 20
Pattern – Strimonds

Day 21 & 22
Patterns – Zixits and Balloya

Day 23, 24, 25, & 27
Patterns – Belltemps, Tami, Ovolution and Deebops

You can find the drawings for days 1-6 here and 7-16 here. Do follow me on Instagram for regular updates on the challenge.

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