World Earth Day Activity – A few pictures

As promised in my previous post, here are a few pictures taken for the World Earth Day activity held in the housing complex where we live.

Just before the participants started pouring in –

Earth Day
Tiles waiting to be painted on..
Earth Day
Partly sponsored by Fortune Fitness Gym


Earth Day
Waiting to be planted


Earth Day
A few sample tiles on display…..painted by me 😀

In fact, the volunteers/organizers (including me) painted a day before since we knew we wouldn’t get time to paint it on the actual day of the event. Few tiles painted by the gang-

By Allen and Shaila… Shaila is such a a brilliant artist…just look at the Calvin and Hobbes!


By Fatima and Sadiqa


By Ayaan..


By Shriya (my daughter) …with a little help from me 🙂


Painting in progress..



Hope you enjoyed the pictures, have a nice day!

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