What’s been happening lately….

I have been missing in action for some time now. August has been quite an eventful month so far and I have been making quite a few changes in my life. To start with, I chopped off my tresses. This is what I look like now and I also feel like a new person 😀

16 - 1

I have also been on a home cleaning spree where I am sorting everything and disposing off and/or giving away things that haven’t been used for a long time. Includes toys, clothes, books, anything and everything!

Health and Fitness

In the last couple of weeks in July, when I was down with viral fever, I realized how important
health is. As I was recovering, I resolved to take better care of my health. These days I have been focusing a lot on self care and health in particular. Before I had fallen ill, I had been very slack in my fitness routine. But off late, I have been quite regular with some form of exercise or the other everyday. I make it a point to go regularly for my morning walk/jog. The photo above has been taken on one of my morning walks. I have also joined a healthy eating accountability group hosted by one of my friends which motivates me to incorporate healthy habits in eating.

Also, the climate has been amazing in the last few days, especially in evenings. It does not
rain much and there is quite strong breeze which is very delightful. So we make the most of it
and take Shriya out to play as much as possible.


I have been wanting to finish read The Secret for a long long time but for some reason or the
other had not been able to do so. So I have been trying to read it as and when I get time. I also
picked up The Calling by Priya Kumar which I have just started reading. I also picked up Chicken Soup For the Parent’s Soul from a pre-used book store. Absolutely loving it..

I have been putting together a Zentangle pattern book which I will keep updating as I learn new patterns. I intend to use this for reference and inspiration.

Also, we have many events/celebrations coming up this week, starting with Independence Day tomorrow i.e. 15 August, Parsi New Year on 17th and Raksha Bandhan on 18th. Shriya has a mid term break spanning this whole week. So intend to meet some friends for lunch one of these days.

What has been happening in your life lately? Do share in the comments below.

P.S.. Just realized there have been too many ‘I’s in this post, sorry about that 😛

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