Trip to Pune – Day 1

Though I have been to Pune multiple times in the past, they’ve always been hurried trips with absolutely no time to really see anything around. In the weekend that went by, we had been to Pune on some work and we had some time to spare. So we rented a bike and went exploring the city. The climate was really cool and pleasant. A little dark and cloudy, and drizzling. We were there for two days and visited as many places as we could.

The first place we went to was Pashan lake. This is an artificial lake known for migratory birds. We reached there quite late to really spot the birds, however, there were not too many people there and the place was breathtakingly beautiful and serene. Here are some pictures-



The next place that we went to was the Khadakwasla lake. We reached here a little before noon and the crowd was starting to fill in. Vendors were busy setting up their food stalls. We found some huge rocks to sit on and were enjoying the view when we suddenly heard a scream. To our horror, we saw a boy of about 12 badly hurt bleeding profusely from his forehead. We found out that as this boy was on his way to the lake over the steep, rocky path and fell a few feet down face first. By the time we could get him and his mother up on the road it already took about 5 minutes. Also, they had parked their car quite far away and by the time they could leave for the hospital it was another 5 minutes. As they left, we were only hoping that the kid would get proper medical attention in time. By this time, the place was all crowded, and vendors had already set up stalls. The place had become quite noisy, so we decided to head to some other place. We didn’t really take many pictures here. Just a couple of them –


On the extreme left, you can see how steep and rocky it is, that is where the kid fell from

By this time we were really hungry and decided to find a good place to eat. Mr H suggested we go to Bedekar Tea stall famous for it’s puneri ‘misal’. The place is a small, humble eatery, but how much people love eating there was evident from the long queue of people waiting for their turn. We had to wait for a good 20 minutes. By the time we sat down to eat, we were famished. The fiery hot spicy misal was served with slices of bread. With our mouths burning and eyes watering, we finished our meal and downed glasses of kokam juice to soothe the burning.

I know, I know! I should have, but I couldn’t take any pictures of the food. My phone battery had died down by this time and I wasn’t carrying my iPad or camera since it was constantly raining. We roamed around on the bike for a couple of more hours and we called it a day.

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