My Top 5 Books for Yoga and Fitness

My Top 5 Books for Yoga and Fitness

There was a time when I was not able to leave home to go to the gym or anywhere else for fitness . I had no option but to work out at home. Well, I could have just followed some some online videos, but being the book lover that I am, I had to buy books. Though I have a lot of other books on health, fitness, these are my most reached out for, most referred ones. Here, take a look-

15 Minute Home Workout

Before I purchased this one, I had used 15 Minutes Gentle Yoga (Book and CD) from the same series  for years together. Agreed, 15 minutes is not enough. But it is definitely better than not doing anything at all. Plus, you can put together multiple 15 minute routines for a longer workout.

Coming back to this book, it is a compilation of Pilates, Yoga, Body Toning and Ab exercises. So it has a total of 20 workouts, each spanning around 15 minutes. It comes with a CD too which has 6 workouts from the book.

Don’t Lose Out, Work Out by Rujuta Diwekar

This book by Rujuta Diwekar convinced me to start strength training. Before that, like many others, I was always under the impression that strength training is not for me. This book gives a good insight on basics of workouts including strength training, cardio and also Yoga. It gave me a lot of clarity on what I should do and what I shouldn’t during workouts. It also tells you how you should go about planning your pre and post workout meals.

Body Goddesss – The Complete Guide on Yoga for Women – Payal Gidwani Tiwari

This is a good reference book for Yoga routines. What I love about this book is the way it is structured. It has a separate section for each age group 15-25 years, 25-35 years, 35-45 years and 45 years onwards. I had reviewed this book sometime back. You can read it the complete review here

XL to XS – A Fitness Guru’s Guide to changing your body – Payal Gidwani Tiwari

To be honest, when I first saw the title of the book, I was kind of offended. Couldn’t it have been named something like ‘unhealthy to healthy’ or something like that? But then, when I went through the book, I saw that apart from Yoga fundamentals and Yoga routines, there was a lot of good things on self care, handling stress, Yoga for beauty, etc. So I decided to ignore the title and picked it up.

9 to 5 Fit – A Working Person’s Guide to looking great and performing better by Namita Jain

I had originally purchased this for my husband who always complained that he had no time for fitness. Well, I should have known better. He did not have time to read it either and I ended up reading it for him. This one has no super secrets to fitness. But rather, something we already know, but don’t really acknowledge or implement. It is more about how to form healthy eating and lifestyle changes in spite of your busy schedule.

Have you read any of these? If not, do let me know which one you want me to review first. What is your fitness routine like? Do let me know in the comments!

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