A few tips if you’re planning for a trip


We’re planning for a trip to Goa this Tuesday and almost the whole of last week went in planning for it. As I was wondering what should I post about today, I thought why not compile a list of quick guidelines that went into the planning. This is something we follow every single time and hope it helps you too-

1. First it’s important to decide on how would you like to spend your time during the trip – whether you just want to take a break and relax, or you want to explore a new place and culture or maybe a mix of both. Depending on that you can book your places of stay. For e.g. We have been to Goa several times and each time, the objective or intention was different. One time we want to just relax and be by ourselves, so we booked a quiet and far off place. One time, we wanted to explore the place and experience the local food and culture, so we booked a home stay in the midst of a busy town etc. So each time, the experience is totally different.

2. Before you make bookings or reservations, read a lot of reviews and you can also get feedback from your friends/acquaintances who might have been there before.

3. Don’t be hasty when you’re making reservations. Look for travel deals/coupons etc. With so many websites offering deals, don’t be surprised if you can get reservations for as less as even 60% of the original cost. Also, when you’re looking at deals, don’t forget to read the fine print 🙂

4. Once you zero down on which place/hotel/resort you would be staying, call the reservation desk and find out things like how far it is from the airport/railway station/bus stop etc and what is the best way or mode of transport to get there. Do this before you actually reach there.

5. It’s also good to find out either from the reservation desk or from other avenues about the climate in that place so that you can pack accordingly.

Well, this is it from my side. Do let me know your views too!

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    1. Thanks Verushka..You bet! There are almost always terms and conditions associated with good deals which we need to be aware of

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