The Wandering Kitten

On a typical weekday, my afternoon routine includes accompanying my daughter to the bus stop to see her off to school. On one such day about a couple of weeks ago, it was raining very heavily. While we were waiting for the bus, we saw a few kids gathered around something and excitedly talking among themselves. We went to see what the excitement was about, and to my surprise saw a tiny grey kitten with an injured nose and it was completely drenched. It was so weak that every time it tried to sit up, it would fall! I picked her up and got her home.

By the time I got her something to eat, she had cozied up on my jacket lying nearby. We made her a makeshift bed with a cardboard box and a few old T-shirts. By evening, she was strong enough to move around and was playing around in the house. But sadly, I could not keep her at home and we took the box along with some food and milk for her and kept her in a corner in the ground floor area of our apartment. The kids in the building were super excited to have a kitten in their midst and they took turns in taking care of her. The security guy of our building offered to keep an eye on her, apart from a whole lot of other people. Soon she got accustomed to her new surroundings. And every time we passed by, we could see her playing around or napping. Every single time, someone or the other would have kept her fresh food and milk.

Thus a few days went by. One afternoon, as usual, we were walking to the bus stop, we did not see the kitten. Every one around – the kids, the security guy were worried that they hadn’t seen her since morning. To add to it, the kids found a mound of grey fluff (same color as the kitten) near the entrance of our building and we were horrified to think that something bad must have happened to her. The whole day went by and we were all very dejected. We spent the whole day thinking about her and consoling ourselves that she must have wandered away. But deep down, we were dreading the worst.

The next day, at noon we were going towards the bus stop. And my daughter, as usual running a little ahead of me shrieked –  there was the kitten, the naughty wandering kitten calmly lapping up a fresh bowl of milk, blissfully unaware of the turmoil she had caused all of us.

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