The Story of Personalogues…

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It was late 2012. I had quit my job and lots of spare time on my hands. While browsing the internet, I came across blogs- all kind of them. I mainly read mommy blogs, beauty blogs, travel blogs etc. Soon I became hooked on to reading them. One day I thought why not me! While I was still pondering over whether I should blog or not, I came across a a few friend’s blogs and was inspired more. High time I started blogging! Soon I started looking for a suitable platform to blog. WordPress was highly recommended I read. But I found it too intimidating at that time. Then I decided upon Blogger and sat down to write my first post. Now what do I write about. After a lot of pondering I thought it should be about books. That should be easy! I loved reading. But when I sat to write it was more difficult than I thought. But somehow wrote about a book that I had just picked up. I wrote on the blog for about 2 days and then it was forgotten.
About a year later I was again chased by the blogging bug. So I started another blog. This time on WordPress. The posts, the thoughts were much easier this time. But I did not go beyond a few posts. Again it was book reviews that I was writing. And soon this blog was also abandoned.

Around the same time, there was a beauty blog I was addicted to reading. They accepted reviews of products from their readers. I decided to submit a review. I did the formalities like sending my details and stuff along with my product review. I waited with bated breath. All night I kept thinking about the post. Would it be published or would they laugh at it and reject it..? And the next day my post was published! I was nervous as well as over the moon. I was so happy, finally what I wrote was out there for the world to see! Let me mention at this point that both my previous blogs were private. I was too shy to show the world that I was writing. So this was the first time people were going to read it! I was so nervous about being noticed that I even requested the blog owners to let me use an alias. They refused. They said I had to use my own name. Coming back to the story, throughout the day I kept refreshing the page to read and respond to the comments. Phew! I survived. No one came to kill me for the post. Soon my confidence grew and I submitted more and more articles and reviews. And most of them were published without hassles. Soon, however the rules and restrictions were getting more and more stringent. I was finding it difficult to write for them. Most of the articles were getting rejected for minor reasons. It was getting more and more frustrating. Again, I started to think about my own blog. This time I had more confidence and greater urge to have a space of my own where I could write about what I loved. This is how Personalogues was started. Again it was not easy. I started researching about buying my own domain, brainstorming for blog name and all. This took a lot of time and efforts. However, I loved every bit of it. This was to be my own space, my blog, my domain.

I started reading every bit of information out there about blogging – the technical stuff, the creative stuff, post ideas, do’s and dont’s and so on. When I was on Amazon one day, I came across a book by Sarah Arrow. It was called the 30 day blogging Challenge. I saw the preview and loved it. I purchased the book. The first half of the book had all technical information about how to go about setting up your blog. Since I was almost done setting up the blog, I skipped the first half and directly jumped to the challenge. I also signed up on their Facebook accountability group. But, even after joining, it took me a few months to actually start the challenge. Call it inertia or commitment phobia. But I wasn’t sure if I could commit to writing continuously for 30 days. Finally I made the first post and started the challenge. Though I did miss out a few days in between, it kept me motivated to keep writing regularly and helped me grow my blog bit by bit. You can read more about the challenge here.

Well, this is the story of Personalogues. Hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂

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