Tangle Thursday – Zen Art Challenge with Heather Buchman

On the last day of June, I came across a post on a Zen Art Challenge by Heather Buchman on Instagram. It was starting on the first of July and Heather already had the prompts ready for the whole month. It was really tempting to join. However, I was a little skeptical initially since I was not sure if I could commit to drawing for an entire month. However, as I read more about the challenge I realized that –

  1. There is just one pattern specified for each day and the drawings that we were expected to do could take as little as 5 minutes. Of course, it can be as elaborate as you want it to be and you can spend more time on it, but even drawing for a few minutes was enough.
  2. The prompts are given in advance. So on those days when you have spare time, you can draw them in advance and stay on the challenge.
  3. It is alright if you are not able to post or participate every single day. As Heather says, the whole purpose of this is to relax, so even if you miss out days, you don’t need to fret over it. You can choose to catch up (it barely takes a few minutes for each pattern, remember?) or just pick up from the day you’re joining back, whatever works for you.
  4. You learn one new pattern every single day. So in one month you learn 30 different patterns. And as you are drawing, you are forming your own pattern reference collection.
  5. There are no hard and fast rules about how you draw or anything else. So even on days that you’re not able to access your drawing supplies, all you need is a paper, pen and a few minutes!

How much more easy can this get? So I got into it and here are the drawings from the first 6 days –

Day 1
Pattern name – Laflor. Kept it simple. Just used micron pens for drawing and regular pencil for shading.

Day 2 & 3
Pattern names – C-Yeah and Spin rose. Combined the two days since I was delayed by a day. My day 1 was done on July 2 so had to catch up.

Day 4
Pattern Name – Pystyl. Used a brown/tan micron pen as well in addition to the regular black one.

Day 5
Pattern Name: Boundary. Here I decided to give a wash of watercolors before proceeding to draw

Day 6
Pattern Name – Kurllz. Here, after drawing with my regular micron pen, I used water color pencils to add some color

I hope I am able to stay on the challenge till the end of this month. Do follow me on Instagram @shridevikamathbhat for regular updates.

Do you wish to be a part of the challenge? Check Heather’s Instagram account┬á@mindfulcreativity for more details.

2 thoughts on “Tangle Thursday – Zen Art Challenge with Heather Buchman

  1. I have been debating on whether or not I want to share posts every day or just one at the end of the month. I may break it up into weeks, even though I’m trying to at least post on instagram every day.
    I love you designs they are gorgeous. I especially like your boundary. I struggled with that one because the possibilities are endless.
    Also thank you for introducing me to the challenge so I could join in.

    1. Weekly posts seem like a good idea for the challenge. You can also consider displaying Instagram feed on your blog. Thank you so much, that’s my favorite too so far.
      I’m glad you joined the challenge, I love to see your work around the patterns..xX .

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