Tangle Thursday!

It’s been a super busy month with a lot of personal commitments and I’ve been missing in action on my blog here. Finally got some time to post today, so decided to do a Tangle Thursday post. Made this one for Zentangle India Weekly Inspiration # 88. The prompt was a string and this is what I came up with.

Tangles used: Knightsbridge, Tipple and Flux.

A quick insight into what I did in the last few weeks-

I have been on a reading spree. Some new ones and some re-reads. Here are a few that I have been reading –

  • The Devil Wears Prada. I had seen the movie so…why not!
  • The Rise of Sivagami – Got this during the Baahubali 2 fever. I saw the movie once the week it released, and then I saw it again after a week and then I picked up this book.
  • Readers Digest Select Editions (The Stockmen, Black Wind, Gweilo, The Blood Dimmed Tide) – I had first read this in my college days. Then it was long forgotten. A couple of weeks ago when I was at the mini ‘library’, I saw this again and had a great time reading it.
  • The Wellness Sense – Om Swami. It’s an amazing book on Ayurveda written in very simple language. Basic concepts explained and very basic and simple things we can follow in our daily lives for good health.
  • Mirror Work by Louise Hay – Been practicing this, not reading. I think its an amazing experience to practice this. If you are a Louise Hay fan, I would highly recommend this book.

I have also been learning to swim since the last 10-12 days and it’s been a mixed feeling. The first two days were so difficult for me that I was wondering what made me take it up in the first place. I had almost decided on giving up then thought of giving it a try for a few more days. Then it kept getting better.  I think I can do a separate post on this altogether!

This is a piece I had started in March, then just left it off. Could finally complete it. This is not exactly the way I intended it to be when I started out, but I’m glad I could finally complete it.

Well, that’s all for now. Hoping to post more frequently henceforth. Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Tangle Thursday!

  1. Love your artworks! It is also commendable that you are able to read so many books!

    P.S. – I just nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award, check out my latest post <3

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