Tangle Thursday

Here is a piece I drew yesterday as a part of Zentangle India Weekly Challenge # 81. The prompt was the pattern ‘Heart Divided’. It is a super simple pattern and seemingly easy to draw. However, needed a bit of practice to get the symmetry right. It’s such a versatile pattern. Can look drastically different depending on the fillers you use. I used a pretty simple version after multiple attempts to get the symmetry right.

Along with Hearts divided, used a few of my favorite tangles – Tipple, Flux, Beelights and Paradox. I just love drawing Paradox, it’s so addictive and therapeutic. For step outs, you can refer to tanglepatterns.com. It’s my go to site for pattern instructions.  Here is the drawing –

By the way, this time I drew in my sketchbook instead of a on tile. It made me realize why tiles are chosen over regular paper for tangling. The slightly coarse surface of tiles makes it much easier for shading and drawing. Also, since the tiles are tiny, you can turn it around in any direction easily when you’re drawing.

Hope you like the drawing. Have a nice day!

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