Tangle Thursday

Zentangle Dillo

The inspiration for the weekly challenge in the Zentangle India Facebook group prior to this week was the tangle ‘Dillo’. Each time someone posted their take on the weekly inspiration and mentioned the the word Dillo, I was instantly reminded of ‘Tilo’ from The Mistress of Spices 😛

Coming back to the post, today I used all new tangles – ones I have never used before. Also, for the first time used my new Bustro pens. Did not like them as much as the Sakura Pigma Micron pens I generally use.

Also, as I was uploading the tile, I realized that I really need to work on my shading skills. Though my drawing is much better, there is a lot of scope for improvement on shading. Anyways, here is the tile:

Zentangle pattern Dillo

Tangles used: Dillo, Angel Fish and Beadlines.

To learn the patterns, you can go to Tanglepatterns.com. Do let me know your thoughts/views/suggestions in the comments below.

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