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Have you ever left a book midway unable to bear it any longer? Well, a lot of times I have come across books which I am not able to complete reading no matter how much I try. Earlier I used to feel guilty about quitting books midway. I also used to feel like I might miss out on something good so I would read on and finish it anyway. But now, when I don’t like some book, I just quit reading it.  There are some books I will really try to finish (maybe after a break) even if I don’t like it currently, and some I will never attempt to read again.  Here are a few I have left midway-
1. The Family – Mario Puzo
This one was a more recent one. Left after a few pages. It’s the story of Borgias. The ever increasing list of names (characters) left me with a headache and plus the story line of incest made me want to never pick up the book.
Would I try to complete it? Nope. If I would ever want to read about the Borgias I will look for another book. Definitely not this one.

2. MiddleMarch – George Eliot
The story is based in the 1830s in Middlemarch – a town in England. I came across this one in multiple ‘Best Books to Read’ lists and ordered it. It’s one of the longest books I have had in my reading list – 900 pages. Started to read this in 2015. Left it mid way. Again picked it after a few months. This happened multiple times. Haven’t been able to read it beyond a few chapters till date. Reason? I found it too difficult to keep track of so many characters, and found the pace a little slow.
Would I try to complete it? Yes. I want to and will try to. Nothing wrong with the book. Just my inability to keep track of so many characters. I hope to resume and finish reading this some day.

3. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
This is one book I have always wanted to and still want to read. But have never been able to complete. Why? I don’t know. Anyone plan to read it one of these days? Do let me know, would love to have a reading buddy for this one.
Would I try to complete it? Yes! Yes! Yes!

4. The Japanese Wife – Kunal Basu
This is the most recent one. Picked it up last week. It is a collection of 12 unrelated short stories by Kunal Basu. The name of the book is also the name of the first short story in the book. I quite liked the first story. Moved to the next. Did not like the next one. Randomly chose stories hoping to find something worth reading. Left it off after 3-4 stories.
Would I try to complete it? Nope! Not interested.

5. 34 Bubblegums and Candies – Preeti Shenoy
This one is a collection of posts from the author Preeti Shenoy’s blog, comprising mostly of her thoughts and anecdotes from her life. ‘Tea for two and a Piece of cake’ was the first book I read by this author and loved it. I also quite liked her other books ‘Life is what you make it’ and ‘The Secret Wishlist’. However, with this book, it was a mixed feeling for me. While a few chapters of this book were really interesting, touching and worth reading, I just flipped pages through the others, skipping them.
Would I try to complete it? Nope.

What do you do when you don’t like a book? Continue reading anyway or leave it midway? Do you feel guilty about leaving them midway? Do let me know in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Quitting books midway

  1. In my ferocious reading days, I have stopped reading midway….I figured why waste my time on something that wasn’t enjoyable?! But more than not, i’ve read many that I do love! 🙂

    1. I know! A a lot of books are worth going back to, whereas trying to read some just for the sake of completing them are a complete waste of time 🙂

  2. Have you ever read Cartwheels in a Sari? One of my favorite books. I am currently reading Miss Pereguines Home for Peculiar Children and although it is a very interesting read, I find myself struggling to pick it back up. I have so much to do trying to launch my new website and getting my art out there with marketing that I can’t find the time.

    1. Sounds interesting. I haven’t read that yet.I know that happens, sometimes we want to read something so much, still can’t get ourselves to commit to it! BTW I just saw the new look of your site, loved it!

      1. Thank you. I have been working tirelessly on it for the past two weeks yrying to get it right. It was time for a change because I have a lot of new ideas i am implementing.

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