Of movies and doodles…

Its summer vacation for my daughter and our schedules have slackened a bit. Last few days I watched a lot of movies. In place of reading that is. Those who know me know that I don’t watch television or any series. At all. It’s been over five years now. I do watch movies occasionally,  but last few days I was literally binge watching random movies. And the much hyped Bahubali was one of them. But more about that later 🙂

Also, in a bid to do something creative apart from Zentangle Art and Mandalas more regularly, I recently started following the blog Blacksburg Belle which has a ’50 art journal prompts’ post and I thought it’s a great way to start. There is a drawing prompt for every day. One the prompts was doodling an entire page and I drew this. I could not complete it in one sitting – it spanned 2 days. However, I loved the way it has turned out.

Hope you liked it! Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Of movies and doodles…

    1. It was really fun doodling the whole page, no boundaries, lots of freedom! Yeah, I love that too about art prompts. One word, one sentence, yet so many ways it can be expressed <3

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