Midweek getaway to The Resort Malad

On the Wednesday that went by, we went for a two day getaway at The Resort Malad. Located at Madh-Marve Road, Aksa Beach in Malad West, it is about 20 km from where we stay at Andheri. We have been here multiple times in the past few years and absolutely love it. Mainly because we can have a rejuvenating getaway here within the city, by the beach without having to spend much time in travelling.

Because of it’s location, it is a popular destination for a quick getaway amongst Mumbaites and can be quite difficult to get room reservations on weekends and holidays. So since we chose to go on weekdays and at a non-peak time, we could easily get room reservations. Also, the resort was not overly crowded and we could use the resources like the swimming pool and children’s play area at leisure.

You have three restaurants to choose from, all providing a lovely view of the sea. The choice of food is good, though quite expensive. The staff is really friendly, courteous and accommodating. Also, when we wanted to customize a dish for my daughter, the chef himself came outside for the details and made the dish to perfection exactly as we wanted it. Of course, I wouldn’t expect this when the restaurant is crowded, but I really appreciate their gesture.

Right from the time we reached, my daughter took to the swimming pool like a fish takes to water. Though I also spent some time in the pool, I spent most of my time doing what I really love – reading in peace! The balcony with the sea view was the perfect spot for me to enjoy my reading in blissful solitude.

Here are a few pictures that we took:

The path leading to the reception
Near the entrance


Sea view from the balcony in room – I spent most of my time here 🙂
A Painting in lobby


The Resort Malad

By the pool

The Resort Malad



Sunset by the sea

As we were checking out on Friday, we noticed some activity by the swimming pool and saw that there was some video shooting going on. On enquiring, we found out that it was for a new YouTube series. Here are a couple of pictures.


Zoomed In


Hope you enjoyed the pictures. If you are in Mumbai and looking for a quick, rejuvenating staycation away from the hustle bustle of the city, this is the place to go!

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