Mandala Magic!

I am in a major Mandala drawing phase right now. I seem to just want to draw and draw and draw. This is my attempt to draw something slightly more complex than the previous one. Started this on Sunday, gave finishing touches yesterday. Made quite a lot of mistakes and had been deliberating on whether I should post it or not. Finally decided to post it. With the mistakes. Though it is not perfect, it is mine and I totally enjoyed working on it.

Here’s the first picture I took. If you notice especially the border, I messed it up big time. Spent a lot of time thinking whether I should keep it or discard. Finally thought- no way I’m going to discard it. Let me try and fix it.

Then brought it up to this:

Though the mistakes are still visible, it’s less prominent now. Finally added a few more details, a color and this is what is looks like finally.

Honestly, if it was not for the messed up border, I liked how it looked in the second picture more than the final. Do let me know your thoughts, suggestions, views about it.

Have a nice day!

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