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About a week ago, the lovely Capili of ArtistbyBeauty blog tagged me in the ‘I love winter’ tag.  Though it’s winter, it is not really cold as it should be here in Mumbai. *sob* *sob*  But I love winter so much, and this was a fun tag to do. It’s a Q & A tag and here are my answers:

Favourite lip product
Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm in the regular as well as rose variant for my lips. It’s such a versatile product. It’s so much better than the fancy lip products that I have used for chapped lips. As  for lipstick, it would be Breaking Bare by Sugar cosmetics. Its a gorgeous mauve-pink matte lipstick. I also love the lipstick Lustering by MAC.

Favourite drink
It’s Coffee! But I have to avoid it whenever I can, because it gives me acidity. However, I love the Skin Glow tea by Tea Culture and Tulsi Green Tea by Organic India.

Favourite nail polish
Maybelline SuperStay nailpolish in 130-Rose Poudre and L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection Star Vernis in the shade Sonam. Both are gorgeous pale mauve-pink shades and look almost similar.

Favourite candle
I don’t really have a favourite candle. But I did have a vanilla scented candle gifted to me which I quite loved using.

Favourite attraction
Beaches! So any places with beautiful beaches would be my favourite place of attraction. That’s the reason I love Goa so much. Since the last few years, we have been going to Goa atleast 3-4 times in a year.

Favourite accessory
Sling bags. Especially the tiny, compact ones more like pouches, not bags exactly. I did not realize I have so many of them till I was doing this post.

Favourite candy
I don’t have favourite candy as such. But if I have to pick one, it is Jolly Rancher candy in water melon flavor.

Favourite movie
Godfather I, II and III. Lol. I love The Godfather trilogy

Favourite blush
Again, no favourites, but I have 2 shades of Maybelline Cheeky Glow blushes – Peachy Sweetie and Creamy Cinnamon. I also like to use Maybelline Dream Touch blush for a hint of color and glow.

Favourite things to do
I love to read, tangle (Zentangle Art) and do window…err..browser shopping

Well, that’s about me. The questions are:

  1. Favourite lip product
  2. Favourite drink
  3. Favourite nail polish
  4. Favourite candle
  5. Favourite attraction
  6. Favourite accessory
  7. Favourite candy
  8. Favourite movie
  9. Favourite blush
  10. Favourite things to do

I tag the following bloggers for this Winter Tag.

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In case you are a blogger and would like me to tag you in this, do let me know. Will be glad to tag you.

My readers and friends who do not have a blog, would love to know about you as well. Just copy the questions in the comments and answer them!

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