A little bit of color…

Sharing a few pages from my art journal (if you can call it that). Encouraged after coming across How to start an art journal by Amy of Mindful Art Studio, I recently started an art journal on which I spend about 10-15 min a day on an average.

It’s just been about a week since I started this. I’ve started dabbling in oil pastels and water colors for this. I love using water color so much that I have been using it in almost all my journal pages. Just that the water colors and brush that I am using are the ones that kids use (using my daughter’s coloring kit).

Here are a few pages I wanted to share:

This is a Zentangle pattern Fe Ba. Used a Pigma Micron Pen and a wash of water color.

For this one, I gave a water color wash and used oil pastels for the center.

Again water colors, Pigma micron pen and and a bit of sketch pens/marker pens

Sharing this because I like the quote. Pretty much describes me :D.

Please excuse the patchy coloring. Most entries in my art journal are more or less like a child’s drawings. But it is fun, no rules, no pressure (well, it’s just a journal) and relaxing. Having said that, I do hope I get better with time 😉

Which one of the entries did you like the most? Do let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “A little bit of color…

    1. Thanks Emily! Do try it out..alternatively, you can also try first drawing the tangles and then using watercolors over it..

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