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 I went clothes shopping yesterday after a long long time. No, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I did not shop since a long time, just that I did not ‘go’ anywhere. Rather, I do most shopping online. I have a birthday party to attend on this Sunday and it occurred to me that I have nothing good to wear (Yeah right! We never ever have anything good to wear)

So, after dropping off my daughter at my mum’s place, I headed to a shopping mall. Feeling excited, I headed to a store, saw a few outfits, did not like anything. Store #2, nope, none. Store#3, none! After more than two hours and several stores and hundreds of outfits later, I hadn’t been able to decide on a single outfit! I was tired and frustrated. Shopping cannot be so difficult! After all I was at one of the best shopping malls in my part of the city!

I headed to a coffee shop. Sipping over coffee, I realized what was happening. I was trying to follow same shopping pattern as I do when shopping online. Shopping online is so convenient! Check website 1 on browser 1, website 2 on browser 2, and so on. Then compare prices, narrow down on choices, add to shopping cart, check out, pay and voila! Done!  At the store, I each time I saw something, I felt I could get something better at the same price or even lesser price. I felt compelled to see more and more options. I was so used to shopping online that making a choice at the store was too cumbersome and I could not decide on anything.

The magical coffee gave me back my decision making ability. I headed back to one of the stores and finally bought something from what I had seen earlier.

Have you ever experienced something similar? Do share in the comments

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