Its a beautiful day

Winter finally arrived here in Mumbai a couple of weeks ago. The days are filled with chilly mornings, warm noons and cold and dark nights. How much we love the warmth of our cozy beds and seldom feel like waking up to the sound of the alarm early morning and rushing about our days.

One such morning last week, as I woke up, I could see the sun’s rays peeking through the slits between the curtains. Damn! I instantly realized I had woken up late. Too late. No alarm. We had not even snoozed it. Just turned off. I frantically searched for my phone. It showed 7.22 am. My daughter’s school bus would be here in the next 8 minutes! There was no way I could get her ready in 8 minutes. Which meant that I had to drop her to school myself and then rush for my classes.

Panicking, I quickly woke up my husband and daughter. He was late for work too. Too bad. As I started hurriedly preparing for us to leave, I was in a bitter mood, ranting in my head about what a bad start we had and what a long and tough day I had ahead, why didn’t we hear the alarm, who switched it off (poor husband haha) etc. Then suddenly I heard a very sweet voice saying “Wow mommy! Look! What a beautiful day”. I stopped whatever I was doing at looked towards where the voice came from. My daughter was calmly looking out of the window soaking in the beautiful day and calling me to do the same. Ah! The perks of being a child! In an instant I was jolted out of my chain of negative thoughts and I eased down a bit. Yes darling! It is indeed a beautiful day. I went back to doing whatever I was but minus the negative thoughts.


P.S. We did reach school a little late but hey it doesn’t matter..its such a beautiful day!

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