I’m Currently Loving…

I’m currently loving……


Dinners at China Gate Though this place is just about 10 minutes drive from my place, it is only in the last 7-8 months that I actually started frequenting it. The food, the ambience, the music. the service…I love everything about it.

Skin Glow Tea by Tea Culture of the world I had casually picked it up when I was at Nature’s Basket outlet in Powai. I have just started having it so cannot vouch for the skin glow effect it is supposed to give. But I am totally in love with it’s aroma. It’s totally relaxing and addictive.

Wynk App for Android I never thought listening to my favorite songs all the time could be so easy. Ever since a friend casually mentioned about it to me a couple of weeks ago, I have been hooked on to it!

Zentangle Though I have been learning this since quite some time, I am absolutely in love with it right now. Been trying to learn and practice as much as I can, learning new patterns, techniques.

Suncros Sunscreen SPF 50 Recommended by dermatologist, this works like a charm on my dry and sensitive skin. Does not irritate, show a whitish cast and totally prevents sun damage. Even after being in the sun for 2-3 hours continuously, my face did not become oily or irritated. My perfect sunscreen for this climate!

What is it that you’re in love with right now? Would love to know……..

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