Happening Lately…

The climate is turning warmer these days. Though the evenings are cooler, mornings and noon greet us with scorching heat, making me avoid outdoors. Looks like we’ll have an early onset of summer this year here in Mumbai.

Anyways, here’s a quick update on what’s been happening lately.

Obsession with drawing Mandalas
Off late, I have been obsessed with drawing – Mandalas in particular. Ever since I drew my first one, I’ve been wanting to draw bigger and more complicated ones (maybe I’m being a little more ambitious than I can handle). Hence I have two unfinished ones lying on my drawing table – a geometric one and one with organic patterns. Both are much more detailed and intricate than ones I have previously attempted. I wanted to post pictures of them, but decided against it, will post the pictures once I complete them. Hoping to complete at least one this week.

Again, reading had taken a backseat in the last few months. But in the week that went by, I came across a new makeshift library quite close to my place and picked up a couple of books – Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and The Family by Mario Puzo. Already started reading Palace of Illusions and loving it so far. I have also been trying to practice ‘Mirror Work’ by Louise Hay, but couldn’t do it regularly. Hoping to resume it this week.

Zentangle Art
So far, I have been only been following Zentangle India weekly inspirations as a means of keeping up with my Zentangle Art practice. However, recently I have been following ‘I am the diva – Certified Zentangle Teacher’ blog and hoping to participate in the weekly challenge in an attempt to step up my tangling game.

I also purchased a whole lot of art supplies last week online as well as I picked up some stuff when I was shopping for other things. Can’t wait to start using them soon.  Also loving these head shaking wooden dolls Mr H picked up on a recent trip to Mysore. They’re so cute lol 😀

I have no plans really for this weekend, except sitting with my little girl to help her with her ongoing tests at school. What are your plans for the weekend?

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