Happening Lately…

We are already half way through the month of April right now and it’s been a pretty eventful month for me. Let me quickly update you with what has been happening off late.
To start with, I have been learning to ride a two-wheeler since the past one-two weeks (a Hero Honda Pleasure) and have got a pretty good control over it now. We (me and Mr H) head out quite late in the night for my riding lessons since we prefer the roads to be a little empty in my initial few days of learning. Though I was a bit apprehensive about this whole riding thing at the beginning, I have started enjoying the sessions off late. Plus, Mr H is also pleased that I’m listening to him for a change 😉

I’m also reading a lot these days and I am about 40% through with my 2017 Reading Challenge already. I just completed reading Big Girl by Danielle Steel and currently I’m reading Bag It All by Nina Lekhi. Joining the library has actually accelerated my reading!

Here is a Mandala I was working on a few months ago. After laboriously toiling on it, I finally messed it up and did not look at it for a long time. I was so upset about it. I had mentioned it in one of my previous posts. Today I am actually mustering the courage to post it. Honestly, this is my best so far and I am so proud of this one. I feel that one tiny mistake should stop me from putting it out here for everyone to see.

I just clicked a zoomed in pic of the detailing for you to see-

Additionally, I am working on major changes for this blog. You will be able to see them soon. Keep watching this space for more!

Last, but not the least, one of my fellow bloggers Charity interviewed me last week to be featured on her blog. You can read about it here.  Came just in time for my birthday which was yesterday! Thanks Charity for featuring me on your blog.

Till then, have a great week ahead everyone!

4 thoughts on “Happening Lately…

  1. You are very brave for riding a two wheeler, I prefer four at least. lol. I love your mandala. the details are great. I can’t see why you wouldn’t post it, but then again, I do it all the time with my own.
    It was a pleasure to interview you and I hope it helps introduce your blog to many.

    1. Lol. Trust me Charity, I put it off till I could. Now I have no option but learn to ride it 😀 Thank you.. The tiny mistake is hidden under the pen 😉 and hey..I really enjoyed the interview 🙂

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