I got Inked!!

I got inked!! Well, it wasn’t on an impulse. I have been deliberating over it since quite some
time. This is not my first tattoo either. I had got my first tattoo in Jan 2014 and its almost
two and a half years since that. My first one is the name of my daughter on my inner
left wrist. And like they say, once you get a tattoo, you cannot stop at just one. You got to
have one more and more…

Ever since I got the first one done,I have been contemplating about what I want to do for the second one. But nothing seemed quite right. Nothing resonated. None felt like it is a
part of me. I drew and re-drew patterns that I had in my mind, I googled for inspirations but
none felt like ‘the one’. Finally I came across a beautiful Phoenix image. Yes, this had to be
the one! A Phoenix is a mythical bird that never dies. A Phoenix tattoo represents a lot of
qualities and may hold different meanings to different people. But for me, it symbolizes renewal,
beginning of a new life. It also symbolizes survival through difficult times.

My brother’s friend Vikas Malani has a tattoo studio by the name Body Canvas. No, he has four tattoo studios. Two in Mumbai (Malad and Bandra), one in Delhi and one in UK. Without any second thought we chose to go to them. Now, getting inked is quite a big deal. For one, it’s permanent so the artist has to be really good and two, if you don’t choose the right studio, you have a big risk of catching an infection. Body Canvas has very talented tattoo artists and they follow all the standard procedures of hygiene and quality. So without a doubt it had to be them.

So, we went to the studio on Sunday evening, me and my brother that is. By the time we could discuss and work out the cost etc, it was quite late and the artist had another appointment. So we came back home. The next appointment I got was on Tuesday noon. I reached there at 12 noon and within an hour we started. Since this was my second tattoo, I quite knew what to expect. The pain and everything 🙂 It took him about three and a half hours to complete my tattoo. I got this one done on inner side of my right forearm.

Here is a picture of my tattoo taken on the same day right within 30 minutes of completing it:



  1. Aiyana says:

    Congratulations! I think it’s beautiful. Huge fan of body art over here. I got four tattoos within a year, three of those within 8 months. 😳 They’re not lying when they say tats are addicting. Promised my family I’d wait until 2017 for another one.

    • Shri says:

      Thank you so much Aiyana..Wow! four tattoos within a year! You’re really a big tattoo fan..it is so addictive. I would totally understand if you get your next one done before 2017 😉

    • Shri says:

      Thankooo Arch 🙂 Do consider getting one. However don’t say I didn’t warn you, you cannot stop at just one, it’s addictive 😀

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