Goa Trip May 2016 Day 3

This was the last full day of the trip we would be in Goa. We were to leave for home the next morning. After breakfast, my husband and daughter announced that they wanted to go to the pool by themselves. He did this so that I could have some ‘me’ time. That was very very welcome since I had been really longing for some time alone all by myself. I believe they too wanted their time away from my nagging and ‘don’t do this’ and ‘don’t do that’. They left for the pool and I plonked myself in the balcony all by my self. Literally. No phone, TV or any gadgets. No books either. Absolutely nothing. And since we had chosen a room in the farthest and quietest corner of the resort, there were no people in sight either. And trust me, that was the most peaceful 2 hours I had recently. Sometimes, you really need to be all by yourself.

After they came back a good 2 hours later, we went for lunch. When we came back, my daughter as usual was the first to go bouncing into the room. As soon as she reached, she shrieked and I followed. I shrieked too! We saw this on our bed –


A side view –


And the note they left us –


It was an elephant crafted from bath towels by the housekeeping people. They had made eyes for the elephant by cutting up tiny pieces of a tea bag sachet. It was such a nice gesture.

By the way, we had both shrieked for different reasons – she because she was delighted on seeing the elephant and me so that she didn’t disturb it before I took a picture 🙂 Pictures and all taken, we sat for sometime chatting. Then we left to take a look around the place on the motorbike that we had rented. Sharing a couple of pictures we took on our ride –


St Roque Chapel, Fatrade



After coming back, we headed again to the swimming pool. The day was coming to an end, and so was our trip.

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