Goa Trip May 2016 Day 2

Refreshed after a good night’s sleep, we started our day with delicious breakfast which included Indian and Continental fare mainly. After breakfast, we went around to explore the property. This time we did not venture out much to explore the city or anything, most of the time was spent at the resort. We first went to the kids corner. It was a kids play room by day and discotheque by night. So it’s a dark room with dim light with mini tables all around. Each table had a board game which my daughter was not interested in. The girls/caretakers there were friendly and they invited her to come and play some board games. But she got bored soon and we left from there. I would have really preferred a nice and bright room for kids to play rather than a dark windowless room. We spent some time in the lawns lazing around in the sun on a hammock.

In the evening we decided to head to the beach. The beach was quite crowded but lovely nevertheless. There was some parasailing activity going on. We thought of going for it but the long queue discouraged us from going ahead with it. Also, to add to it, the lifeguards at the beach were warning people to not go for it since there were extremely strong winds and high tide and so was unsafe. But some people still went ahead. Before we knew it, a guy who was parasailing fell into the sea quite a distance away from the shore and the guide or the instructor who was flying with him was struggling and unable to rescue him. The lifeguards then rescued the man and his instructor soon and dragged them back safely to the shore. Till now we were all tense and were relieved to see him back safe and sound.

From the beach we went back again to the swimming pool and loitered around for some time post dinner as well. So overall, it was a relaxed and lazy day.

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