Friday Night Movie – Live By Night

Made sudden plans to go to for a movie last night. Both me and Mr H love gangster movies. Since Live By Night released in India yesterday, we decided to go for it. Tickets booked at 8.30 pm, movie at 10.30. Despite the usual Mumbai evening traffic, we made it in time. Contrary to what we expected, the movie theater was only 10% occupied.

The movie is based in 1920’s in Boston. The typical gang wars. There is an Irish gang and an Italian gang. Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck) initially works with the Irish gang. He gets in trouble with the Irish gang leader and ends up in prison. Once back from prison, he wants to get back at the Irish gang leader so he joins the Italian gang. Long story cut short.

Initially in the first 30 minutes, we found the movie quite entertaining, couldn’t see where the story is leading. So far so good. Then the series of cliches start.Since it is a gangster movie, there are lots of scenes involving people threatening each other. And the way the threats are delivered is so imbecile, they would seem non credible to even a 7 year old. I couldn’t help comparing (it’s a sin to compare though) with The Godfather, where the threats don’t even sound like threats but have so much impact!

Only quote worth remembering from the movie:

What you put out into this world will always come back to you. But it never comes back how you predict.” Said to Joe Coughlin by his father.

Our reaction

Before the movie: Yayy-a-gangster-movie!

During the movie: Oh-so-typical, oh-so-expected, oh-so-silly, did-he-really-say-that !

After the movie: Oh-so-disappointing, I-don’t-believe-I-actually-sat-through-the-movie, you-should-have read-the-reviews-before-booking-tickets, its-your-fault (hahaha and the blame game begins)

Skip the movie people, not worth your time!

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Movie – Live By Night

  1. Ah what a shame! But don’t you find that the films you dislike the most are the one’s you can talk about for hours. Really pick it to pieces…or is that just me?! Thanks for the review, I think I will be giving this one a wide berth.

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