Sunday Night Dinner at China Gate Andheri

Last evening we had been to China Gate Andheri (MIDC) for dinner. Though its quite close to my place, we discovered it only about a year and a half ago. We love the ambience, the music, the service and the food is also quite good. What I personally like about this place is the music. We generally go there on weekends for dinner. At this time, they almost always play the music that I grew up listening to. These songs which I once loved so much were gradually forgotten over the years. A couple of hours spent here, and the music brings back a lot of childhood memories.

On weekends though most of the tables are filled, we never really find it over crowded. But yes, sometimes there are noisy groups which can be a tad irritating. So we make it a point to sit in a far corner of the restaurant away from the three booths that they have for the larger groups.

So, like always we chose a corner table. However, by the time I remembered to take pictures of this place, we were ready to leave, so couldn’t take any food pictures.

Sharing a few pictures of the restaurant-

China Gate Andheri
On the left side as you enter
China Gate Andheri
Seating arrangement on the right as you enter
China Gate Andheri
Our favorite table at the corner
China Gate Andheri
China Gate Andheri
One more..
China Gate Andheri
The three booths as seen from our table

Also, another good thing about this place is it is open up to 12.30 in the night. So, if you’re looking for a decent place to eat late in the night, this is a good option.

Will remember to take food pictures next time..

Have a great week ahead!


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