Book Review The Calling by Priya Kumar

I’m posting after quite a few days. It was project submission week at my daughter’s school and was really occupied with that along with scores of other things.

Anyways, back to the post. Today I am posting about a book I recently read, The Calling by Priya Kumar. Once, I saw a quote on a friend’s Facebook timeline that quite struck a chord with me. When I asked her about it, she mentioned that it’s from this book. Intrigued, I looked for it on Amazon and was convinced that I had to read this. I am apparently reading a lot of spiritual journey or journey of self-discovery type inspirational books off late. Started with this one, and then I read The Zahir and The Alchemist.

Arjun is the main protagonist of this book. He is at a point in life where he feels that in spite of doing the right things, nothing seems to be working right for him in his personal life. On the verge of a divorce, frustrated, as he is driving, he meets with a seemingly fatal accident. As he is lying injured at the accident site, a sadhu (a holy man/sage/ascetic) stops by and he is miraculously cured. The Sadhu  tells him that going to Hemkund Sahib will give him answers to all his dilemmas. Though not really a spiritual person, this particular incident somehow makes him believe in the Sadhu and he sets forth on his journey to the Himalayas. His journey or pilgrimage to the holy place actually sets him forth on a path of self discovery wherein gradually he finds answers to the things that have been a cause for major setbacks in his life.

What I absolutely love about this book is it is profoundly simple. The spiritual insights have been delivered without sounding preachy or complicated. And a lot of these insights are actually applicable to us in daily life, and gives us a different perspective to a lot of things.

A few favorite quotes from the book:

“You are in the mess. You can’t clean it by being in it. You have to rise above it to see it and to understand it.”

“Regret is to life like termite is to wood. It will eat you up”

“Confusion is to life like a parasite is to its host. It will consume you ”

“I understand your frustration but that doesn’t mean that I have to make it mine” said by Arjun’s travel companion on being asked how can he be so calm.

I would highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a simple inspirational book with spiritual insights. Do keep a pencil or a marker handy. There are lots of lines in the book you will love to keep coming back to.

You can buy the book here

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