Bye Bye 2016 – Top 10 things that sum up my year

We are in the last week of 2016 and as I was wondering what my new year resolutions should be, should I have any at all, would I be able to fulfill them, etc, I was also thinking back on how my year went by. The year was really amazing and eventful for me and here’s a quick recap:

  1. Started Blogging! After months of contemplating, I finally seriously started blogging this year. Was a huge step considering how much I was struggling to start and maintain my earlier short lived blogs which no one knew about 😉
  2. Completed Basic Steiner Education Course In Aug’15, I had enrolled in a 8 months basic course in Steiner Education at the school which my daughter used to go to. I enjoyed it a lot, learnt a whole lot of new things, and the best part of it, made some very good friends in the process. However, I would be lying if I said the whole thing was easy for me. There were days when I used to wonder if I was being too ambitious in enrolling for this full time course. It became so difficult for me that I even considered quitting midway. However, with a lot of encouragement and help from my batch mates, no, friends and will power, I finally managed to complete the course in April 2016 (as scheduled). Here are a few things apart from a whole lot of other things I learnt here.
  3. Revived my Zentangle practice I had taken a basic Zentangle class in May’15. However, soon stopped practicing it until May’16 when I started again. I was a part of the Zentangle India Facebook group, but never was an active member. But this year, I really enjoyed taking part in some of the Weekly Inspiration Challenges on that group.
  4. Completed the 30 day blogging challenge I started the 30 day blogging challenge by Sarah Arrow. It was the biggest reason why my confidence to blog increased. Also, as long as I was taking the challenge, I was blogging consistently. If you’re new to blogging and want to make your blog grow, and if you’re still wondering whether you should take the challenge, read here why you should.
  5. Got another tattoo! In Jan 2014 I got my first tattoo. And ever since, I have been contemplating about the second one. The second one happened in June this year. A Phoenix. Read about it here.
  6. Learnt to manage my anxiety This year will also special for me for one main reason. After years of suffering I finally addressed my anxiety issues and learnt to manage it. And life has been so much easier.

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  7. Got my fitness act together Started out on my fitness routine as a coping mechanism to control my anxiety. I have been paying a lot of attention to fitness this year. I make sure I either go to the gym, or go for a walk or do yoga at home.
  8. Traveled to Goa In spite of busy schedules, we traveled multiple times to Goa. A couple of times as a family, a few times just the two of us and once with extended family. Each time we stayed in different parts of Goa, once at a resort, a few times in rented houses. Each time the experience was beautiful in different ways. 
  9. Visited Bangalore Since a quite some time, I have been longing to meet one of my very close friends who lives in Bangalore. Finally I went in November over a weekend. Also had a great time with my lovely cousin sisters there.
  10. Revived my love and pace for reading  Though I’ve always loved reading, the last few years I haven’t been reading much. My reunion with my cousins in Bangalore revived my love for books again and I’m enjoying reading so much! It turned out, my cousins and me have similar tastes in books and they give me serious reading goals!  Thank you girls, we should meet often!

Well, this was about me. How did your year go by? Would love to hear in the comments..
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