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I was in Bangalore last month to visit a friend. It was a very short trip spanning just the weekend. However, I met not only my friend, but also my cousin sisters who I hadn’t met in ages. Thanks to all of them who dropped everything on their schedule and traveled from different parts of Bangalore just to meet me. We had such an amazing time catching up and discovered so many interests we had in common, the biggest of them being our love for reading.

In whatever little time we had, we decided to go to Blossoms Book House which has a ton of books – new as well as pre-used. Whenever I buy any books I generally read reviews or at least I know what I want to buy. Since this visit was totally unplanned and looking at the sheer number of books, I went blank the moment we stepped in. I could not bring my self to decide on any. So in stepped the girl gang to my rescue. I just bought what they recommended. Here’s what they picked up for me:

Out of these, the Ruskin Bond book and My Gita were bought in Mumbai a couple of days after I returned from my trip. I was in Oberoi Mall and stopped by Crossword. I enjoy reading Ruskin Bond and had read good reviews about My Gita. So after picking them up and putting them back on the shelves several times, I finally bought them.

So far I have read Memoirs of a Geisha, Only Love is Real (was blown away by this one) and The Alchemist and currently reading The Zahir.

What are you reading currently? Do let me know in the comments.


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