Yoga Book Review- Body Goddess: The Complete Guide on Yoga for Women by Payal Gidwani Tiwari

Yoga Book Review- Body Goddess: The Complete Guide on Yoga for Women

A few years ago, I used to go for Yoga classes, but over the time it has become really tough for me to align my schedule to those of the good Yoga classes around me. So I was looking for a something which would guide me with my Yoga practice. After going through various books, I zeroed down on this one.

The author Payal Gidwani Tiwari is a famous fitness/yoga trainer of a lot of Bollywood stars. This is her second book. The first one is ‘From XL to XS: A Fitness Guru’s Guide to Changing Your Body’, which was again mainly about Yoga.

This book is divided into two parts.

Part 1 gives you a whole lot of information about the different aspects of Yoga . There are separate detailed chapters on Chakras, Kriyas, Pranayam, Asanas etc. There is also a complete chapter on Suryanmaskar too. This is my favorite chapter. Though I have been doing the Suryanamaskar since so many years, it is here I came to know the significance and benefit of each posture. Like her previous book, there is one complete chapter detailing procedures for about 70 plus Asanas and exercises.

Part 2 is divided into age wise chapters: 15-25 years, 25-35 years, 35-45 years and beyond 45 years. With each chapter (age group) she has highlighted the common health issues and concerns associated with that age group and tips to deal with them. Each age group has multiple Yoga sequences/routines that can be followed.

What I really like about this book:

  1. The way this book is structured makes it easy to find what you’re looking for
  2. The language and explanations are easy to understand for a layman like me
  3. In the chapter on Asanas, there is a tabular representation to show what Asanas are beneficial to what health conditions
  4. Apart from instructions on how to do the various Kriyas, Asanas, etc, she first gives simple explanations on their significance and why you should do them.

What could have been better:

  1. I had purchased two copies of this book and gifted one to my mum. Though I have found it really useful, I can’t say it’s the same for my mum. She has to refrain from floor exercises and certain other exercises that would put undue strain on her knees. So I was expecting some sort of sequences she could follow with her current limitation. However, I was a tad disappointed to not find any such sequence here. I was expecting something like chair Yoga/exercises in the higher age group chapter of this book, since knee problems is a very common issue for women of this age group in our country.
  2. Though there are images for many Yoga poses, more images would have been welcome.

To sum it up,

It is a very good, informative book if you have been learning Yoga or are a Yoga enthusiast and looking for a quick reference. However, under any circumstances, do not consider it as a substitute to learning Yoga from a teacher. Like the author rightly mentions in the disclaimer at the start of the book, “All the Yoga exercises given in the book should be practiced under the guidance of an experienced teacher.”

You can buy the book or  get a glimpse of the first few pages through Amazon ‘Look Inside’ feature here.

4 thoughts on “Yoga Book Review- Body Goddess: The Complete Guide on Yoga for Women by Payal Gidwani Tiwari

  1. great review…i have been practising yoga since my school days and i totally understand the disclaimer of doing under supervision of professional..because the correct posture is very important otherwise it will not give desired results or worse it can lead to injury also… so definitely not for someone who have never done yoga before but definitely useful for people like us who needs extra guidance 🙂 i loved xl to xs 🙂

    1. thank you, glad you liked the review..if you liked XL to XS, you’re definitely gonna love this one too. It has so many different sequences to choose from 🙂

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