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July flew by quite fast. It has been quite a tough month for me. Was down with a viral fever for a week and took some time to recover. First my daughter, then me.

Here is a quick round up of my July posts which you might have missed –

My favorite post so far in this blog. It has been very difficult to write this one. Mainly because it is so personal. Read about my issues with anxiety here. I sometimes still wonder what I was thinking when I wrote something so personal for everyone out there to read. But then I realize, if it helps even one person deal with their anxiety issues in a better way, it has been more than worth it.

You might already know I am a Zentangle enthusiast and try to learn new tangles as much as I can. Here I have compiled a few tips and pointers that you can use if you wish to start exploring Zentangle .

What I love so much about Zentangle, read about it here. Also, you can check out a few tiles I worked on in the month of July here and here

I also had a new tattoo (my second one) done in June about which I get asked a lot of questions. Read about it here.

Here are a few tips on how you can look your best this monsoon. Also read about my current skin care super star Vichy Normaderm Nuit Detox.

In my daughter’s school every parent takes turns in sending food for the entire class. Last year in June it was the first time I had cooked for such a huge group all by myself. Read about my experience here.
A few of my favorite quotes.
Also,  I participated in Petra’s morning photo challenge, but managed to capture only two pictures so far. Check it out here

Well, bye bye July 2016!

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