Beating the Monday Blues with Mandala Practice

I’ve been wanting to learn to draw Mandalas since quite a long time and did attempt to draw a Zentangle inspired Mandala once. You can see it here. Recently I came across an amazing blog CraftyArtistKc. After seeing her Mandalas and other wonderful artwork, it gave me the final push or inspiration to give a go at it.

This one took me about an hour to complete:

An intermediate picture:

The pens and stencils I used:

How was your weekend by the way? Me and  Mr.H had been on a 12 hour motorcycle trip exploring our own city of Mumbai. Took a lot of pictures. Will be sharing them soon.

Have a great Monday!

8 thoughts on “Beating the Monday Blues with Mandala Practice

  1. Frist off, Thank you for referencing my blog. I love it! I can’t wait to see how you flourish with this new skill. I am following you and even on FB. You are amazing and always remember that!

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