A ‘glowing’ Mandala!

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased Sakura Moonlight gelly roll pens. The main purpose was to draw on black/dark paper. Before buying this, I tried a lot of other pens, but the colors weren’t really standing out on darker surfaces. Finally, I got some time yesterday and sat to try out how these pens work on dark paper.

And so I drew a very simple Mandala. This is the first time I tried to draw on a dark surface too and was really pleased with the results. I love how opaque the ink is and how smooth the flow of ink was. Also, they claim that the florescent ones glow in UV light. I haven’t seen it in UV light. Will update this post with a picture whenever I am able to do that. However, the bright colors really pop out on black paper.

Hope you liked it, have a great day..xX


4 thoughts on “A ‘glowing’ Mandala!

  1. I love this. You did a great job! Ypur mandalas have just skyrocketed. I love watching you grow as an artist. You’re one step ahead of me because i have yet to transfer to black or dark backgrounds yet.

    1. Thank you so much. Like I’ve said before it’s you who inspired me to start drawing Mandalas <3 As for being a step ahead of you, I will have to disagree since I think you are way ahead of me as an artist. I need to work so much on steadying my hand.

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