Resources for Zentangle® lovers!

If you google for the term Zentangle®, you will find a ton of websites with the terms Zentangle® patterns, doodle art patterns, etc casually thrown about. However, there are only a few websites which actually have authentic information related to it. Here I am listing down my most visited, go-to resources for Zentangle® Art-

zentangle india 1.
This is the official website for Zentangle®. Anyone who is learning, practicing or wants to learn about this method, should go through this website. Apart from basic information, which will answer what it is, how it is going to help you, etc, it also has the country-wise list of Certified Zentangle® Teachers (CZT). You can also sign up for a free newsletter to keep receiving updates once or twice a month

This site is by Linda Farmer, a CZT. This is by far the most exhaustive and complete reference site for all Zentangle® lovers – right from beginners to experts. It is the best site you will find for any Zentangle® pattern step outs. The site is a store-house of information. If there is just one site that you want to refer to, it has to be this. As mentioned on the site, it is the ‘Index’ to the best Zentangle® patterns on the web. Apart from pattern step outs, it has a ton of book reviews, free downloadable templates to organize your patterns, string ideas, tips and tools and a lot more.

3. I am the Diva
This is a blog by Laura Harms, a CZT based in Canada. As it says on her site, it is the ‘Home of the Original Zentangle Weekly Challenge’. Laura runs a weekly drawing challenge on her blog. And I must say, this is the most popular challenge amongst Zentangle® enthusiasts. To participate in the challenge, once you draw, you upload the picture on your blog/Flickr/Picassa/PInterest and leave a link on her blog, so others can also see your drawing. Do visit her blog for more details. Though I have never yet participated in her drawing challenge, I love reading her blog, I am sure you will love it too.

4. Zentangle India Facebook Page
It is a very active group on Facebook for Zentangle® enthusiasts in India. This group also has something called Weekly Inspiration (ZIWI) wherein, CZT Sandhya Manne (the lady who I learnt this art from) posts a challenge, or rather an inspiration for the week – either a string or a pattern and the participants post images of their completed tiles on the group. I love being a part of this group which is so encouraging and everyone right from novices to experts interact with each other.

5. One Zentangle A Day – Book by Beckah Krahula
This is again an amazing book if you want to learn Zentangle, but for some reason you’re not able to learn from a CZT. I love how it starts with basics for beginners and slowly helps you step up and learn few advanced concepts too. It is like a 6 week course wherein each day you learn one new skill. You can click on the title to read my review on this book.

Well, this is my go-to references for Zentangle® Art, definitely not a complete, exhaustive list. Do let me know what sites or resources you follow for the same in the comments below.

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    1. Yes! I follow her on Instagram too. I love her IG posts so much, especially the ones about her art journal.Thanks for the links, will check them out..

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