5 amazing food sites you should not miss!

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One of my readers recently asked me why I don’t share recipe posts/videos as she enjoys watching  food videos. Sadly, I am always in a hurry when I am cooking so don’t really have the scope to pick up my camera and click pictures or make videos at that time. Maybe I will do that in the future, but not immediately. However, I love reading food posts too, especially the drool worthy videos. Here is a compilation of my favorite food blogs –

Buzzfeed Tasty
Most of you must be already subscribed to this one. One of my most favorite sites for food videos. The videos that make your mouth water, make you want to reach out into your screen and grab the food! This one and Om Nom Nom I watch more for the delightful videos than for any recipe reference.  Enough said about this one, just watch the videos here

Om Nom Nom by Scoop Whoop
Whenever I open Facebook, I would see videos from this on my news feed. Soon, I too became a subscriber of this page.They are not restricted to any one category of food. And the videos make you drool. They are on YouTube and Facebook, they do not have a separate website. Do check out their Facebook page here, and within the first few videos you will start craving food 😉

How to Cake It
I first came to know about Yolanda Gampp when I got a WhatsApp forward of a video of a her baking a cake that looked like a watermelon. I found out her website, and YouTube channel and subscribed. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and she makes baking seem so effortless. From the most beautiful to most wacky cakes, shes done them all! Rainbow cakes, Minion cakes, snake cakes, brain cakes, bag cake, popcorn cake! Everything! Do checkout her YouTube page here for all cakes you can think of and those you have never thought of!

Archana’s Kitchen
This is one of the first Indian food blog I came across many many years ago (She started it in 2007). Over the years, the blog has undergone tremendous changes. I loved it then, I love it now. The site has mainly Indian recipes with lots of categories like festival specific foods, special diets (like gluten free, high protein diet, vegan diet, diabetic friendly diet, etc). There are also weekly meal plans, baby food recipes, and lots of other things related to diet and nutrition. Do check out the site, it’s fabulous. It has both vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes.

Padhu’s Kitchen
Padhus kitchen has an vast collection of Indian vegetarian recipes which includes both North and South Indian food. It also has egg recipes. You will not find videos here,only photos, but the recipes are very easily doable and nicely explained. She also has a kitchen garden, which she writes about in this blog. This is one blog I constantly refer to for a lot of recipes. Do check it out here


Craving for food already? I wouldn’t blame you! Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Which are your favorite food blogs? Do let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “5 amazing food sites you should not miss!

  1. Thank you for the tips and sharing this. My favorite out of these five is How to Cake It. I love her videos. Once in a while I watch cooking videos and sometimes I try to follow it and cook it. Maybe I will start baking again.

    1. I too love to watch Yolanada Gampp craft those amazing looking cakes..I have never tried my hand at baking though 🙂

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