30 Day Blogging Challenge by Sarah Arrow – My Experience

Well, here I come to the end of the 30 day blogging challenge. For those of you who are not aware, I had taken up a 30 Day Blogging Challenge by Sarah Arrow. I did have quite a few roadblocks, however, I completed it . Read on to find out about my experience.

How it all started
When I was starting out to blog, I came across Sarah’s eBook ‘Zero to Blogger in 30 Days’. I purchased this since it seemed the closest to what I was looking for. Through this book, I was introduced to the 30 day blogging challenge. I subscribed and joined the Facebook group. However, I could not muster the courage to post in the group. I had even purchased my blogging domain in December 2015 but I did not go beyond a couple of posts. Then one day, when I realized that my blog is lying idle, I decided to do something about it. I held my breath and posted! Well, that was the beginning. Though I could not post everyday, I did try to post almost everyday. 10 days into the challenge, I realized that the blogging challenge is helping me in more ways than one. Read about it here.

Now let me try and list down what worked for me in the challenge and what could have gone better-
What I gained from the challenge-
1. Consistency in posting
Joining the blogging challenge meant posting everyday. I became more accountable and posted everyday (well almost). unlike before, when I was posting once or twice in almost four months, I was actually posting almost everyday. So little by little, my blog was growing!

2. Encouragement
If you ever have a query,post it in the Facebook group and Sarah/Kevin personally resolve your queries. Not only that, Sarah reads and acknowledges every post, which is very encouraging. This is what I liked most about this challenge.

3. Learn new blogging concepts
When you sign up for this blogging challenge, you get one email per day, which teaches you one new aspect of blogging everyday. Like one day, you learn about keywords, one day about list posts, one day about using the editorial calendar or outlines, etc. So, you learn one aspect of blogging everyday without feeling overwhelmed by all the blogging tutorials out there.

4.Confidence Boost
All the people I have met in the group are really supportive. So if you are just starting out, it really boosts your confidence.

5. Flexibility
Even though this is a business blogging challenge, you can apply most concepts and suggestions to your non-business blogs (like personal or lifestyle blogs) as well.

What could have been better –
The only thing I could think of is – I could not keep up with the daily emails due to the numerous breaks I took in between. So, after a certain point, I was only concentrating on posting everyday and could not implement everything from the daily emails.

Before I had started out on this challenge, I used to work on each post for ages making numerous revisions. They never appeared good enough to be posted. Each time I looked at it, I wanted to change something about it. So the most important thing I learnt from this challenge is to not get excessively worried about being perfect. I soon learnt to give it my best and post and not wait forever to come up with the perfect post.

Though I am done with the 30 day challenge, I do intend to start with round #2 soon, because this is the best way I can be consistent with my blogging and grow my blog one day at a time.

8 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge by Sarah Arrow – My Experience

  1. well done on finishing ! I loved the challenge and try to still write as much as I can.I loved how I read and met new bloggers from around the world like you.

  2. Well done on completing the challenge. I love your blog, keep the good work and definitely start the round two. I am doing the challenge too. It is really helping me to write faster and to be better at blogging.

    1. Thank you so much Petra! Already started round two 🙂 I realized after completing round one that this challenge truly helps me stay committed to posting regularly

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